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proudly present the Vocal & Instrumental Eisteddfod 2019
ZB Life Assurance


Entries Close Tuesday 22 January
(Office will remain open until 4pm on this day)
Eisteddfod Dates Monday 4 March - Friday 29 March
Concerts Final : Saturday 30 March, 6:30pm
Junior Highlights : Sunday 31 March, 11am
NIAA Office: Flat A5 Northern Heights, 5 J Tongogara Avenue, Harare
Office hours: 9am - 12:30pm Mon-Fri (during term time)
Phone: 024-2702989 (with answerphone); 024-2250921 Cell: 0778 457 773 (Ecocash);
Email: niaa@yoafrica.com
Website: www.niaazim.co.zw
Facebook: National Institute of Allied Arts (NIAA)

We need helpers for the Eisteddfod in Harare during March 2019
Each half-day session requires a minimum of five people between Reception and the Auditorium.
If you think you could help please give us a call as soon as possible
on 2702989 or 0778 457773
or email niaa@yoafrica.com

Vocal & Instrumental Eisteddfod 2019 Awards



BEST SOLO Junior School Vianca Matimba (Dominican Convent Primary)
Form 1-3 Valerie Matimba (Dominican Convent High)
Form 4-6 Zelda Williams (Dominican Convent High)
Open Nancy Mutize (ZAME)
BEST DUET Junior School K Pfaira / S Nyapokoto (Avondale Primary School)
Form 1-3 T Mukono/N Kutirori (Prince Edward School)
Form 4-6 S Mnsindo/T Juru (Prince Edward School)
C Muchena/T Zimhunga (Chisipite Senior)
T Chingwena/T Madzinga (Arundel School)
BEST ENSEMBLE Junior School Amai Mugabe Marimba Band (Amai Mugabe School)
Zoronhasi Girls (Chishawasha Primary School)
Form 1-3 Watershed Junior Marimba Band (Watershed College)
Form 4-6 Mabelreign Girls 2019 Mbiras (Mabelreign Girls High)
STIGZ Marimba (St Ignatius College)
KLAMMNT Vocal Ensemble (Midlands Christian College)

Veneka Nazvino Nyunga Mbira Prizes

MBIRA SOLO Junior School Zoey Simbini (Dominican Convent Primary)
MBIRA SOLO Form 4-6 Lerato Molife (Watershed College)


EDULOAN TROPHY Marimba Ensembles - Junior Schools Dominican Convent Primary
"AFRICAN VOICE" CUP A Cappella Ensembles - Senior Schools Midlands Christian College
ETHNIC ENSEMBLE CUP African Music Ensembles T Chingwena/T Madzinga (Arundel)
WINAD TROPHY Marimba Trad. - Senior Schools Watershed College Junior Band 
NIC MANOMANO Marimba Challenge - Junior Schools Amai Mugabe School
KUTINYA TROPHY Marimba Challenge - Senior Schools Watershed College Senior Band
ACORN CUP African Choirs - Junior Schools Seke 7 Primary School
ROTARY ETHNIC CUP African Trad/Contemporary Choirs - Senior Watershed College
WATERSHED CUP African Gospel Choirs - Senior Schools Regina Mundi High



CAROL BARON TROPHY Piano Solo Romantic - Grades 5 & over Christopher Kang (Hellenic Academy)
PAT DUFFY MEMORIAL Piano Solo 20th Century - Any grade Christopher Kang (Hellenic Academy)
LITTLE CUP Piano Solo Own Choice - Grades 1 to 4 Catharine Wang (P Stumbles / Harare International School)
COLLEGE SINFONIETTA CUP Instrumental Sonata - Grade 5 & Over Natalie Mills (Chisi[ite Senior)
CAROL BARON CONCERTO CUP Instrumental Concerto – Grade 5 & Over Emma Price (Amy Macy Studio/Girls College)
DI WRIGHT CUP Bowed Strings - under 16 Emma Price (Amy Macy Studio/Girls College)
JOY KNOWLES TROPHY Bowed Strings -16 & Over Amy Grainger (Chisipite Senior)
NIAA CUP WIND SOLO Woodwind Solo - Under 18 Chiedza Muchena (Chisipite Senior)
ESME VENTER CUP Woodwind Solo - 18 & over Stephen Sakuhuni (St Johns College)
NIAA BAGPIPE SOLO CUP Bagpipe Solo – Any Level Benjamin Gilliam (St John’s College)
IAN THOMPSON CUP Pipe Band Drum Solo - Any age Toby French (St John’s College)
DANTE ALIGERI JAZZ CUP Jazz Ensembles Prince Edward School
MASHONALAND HOLDINGS TROPHY Bands – Open St Johns College Pipe Band
JNR BANDS/ORCHESTRAS CUP Bands/Orchestras Junior Schools Hellenic Primary
NIAA ORCHESTRAS CUP Orchestras – Open Hellenic Academy Strings Orchestra
NIAA ENSEMBLE CUP Vocal or Instrumental Ensembles Loreto High School


PAT DUFFY CUP Vocal Solo under 14 Rutendo Chigumadzi (Chisipite Junior)
LYNETTE WELCH CUP Vocal Solo Girls under 18 Yamikani Mandiwanzira (Chisipite Senior)
BLYTHE KRUGER SHIELD Vocal Solo Boys under 18 Victor Sakonda (St Georges College)
FLORA McCALLUM CUP Vocal Solo 18-21 Abishai Murerwa (St Georges College) 
LORNA KELLY CUP Vocal Solo Open Plaxedes James (La Voix Music Studio)
DR GRIFFITHS TROPHY Opera Solo Akin Chariga (Zimbabwe Music Academy)
PETER BOSLEY TROPHY Male Singers 16-18 Challenge Victor Sakonda (St Georges College)
MONICA TROLLOPE TROPHY Lady Singers 16-30 Challenge Yamikani Mandiwanzira (Chisipite Senior)
HARRY TUDBALL TROPHY Singers over 18 Challenge Plaxedes James (La Voix Music Studio)


ASTRA CUP Choirs Grades 1 & 2 The Heritage
THOMSON CUP Choirs Grade 4 Bishopslea School
GRACE CUP Choirs Grade 5 Learning Planet School
KATH KENNY CUP Choirs Junior Girls Bishopslea School
MASHONALAND CAMBRIAN CUP Choirs Junior Mixed Lusitania Primary
GEM MERCER CUP Choirs Forms I and II Girls Chisipite Senior School
BLYTHE KRUGER SHIELD Choirs Senior Boys St Georges College
MASHONALAND CAMBRIAN CUP Choirs Senior Girls Arundel Senior
SENIOR SCHOOLS TROPHY Choirs Senior Mixed Peterhouse Girls/Peterhouse Boys
MIRIAM LIPTZ CUP Choirs Open Harare Youth Choir
NIAA CHURCH CHOIRS CUP Church Choirs Arundel School
NIAA PRAISE CUP Gospel Choirs Arundel School
NIAA CAPELLA CUP Unaccompanied Choirs Chiremba Primary School


DIANA MELLON SCHOLARSHIP Zimbabwean student aged 10-17 for piano/organ studies Lisa Jena (J Deste)
ESTHER LACY CUP Musicality and Charm Prince Nyeredzi (Cranborne High School)
SAUNDERS FLOATING TROPHY Most Promising Singer 17-19 Yamikani Mandiwanzira (Chisipite Senior)
POCKET CUP Most Promising Musician under 17 Christopher Kang (Hellenic Academy)
LAURENCE & COPE cUP Most Promising Musician 17-21 Chiedza Muchena (Chisipite Senior)
ADJUDICATOR’S CUP An Outstanding Item Emma Price (Amy Macy Studio/Girls College)
NEELZ BOONZAAIER RECOGNITION TROPHY To a student for all-round contribution in all aspects of music Natalie Mills (Chisipite Senior)

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